Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club

Volunteers NEEDED For .....

  1. Hunt Test & WC/WCX -- April 8 & 9, 2017.   A variety of volunteer tasks will require club member help:  marshals, bird throwers (WC/WCX), test dogs, general help with equipment set up, etc.   Contact Anne McGuire,

  2. Agility Trial -- May 19-21, 2017.   Volunteers needed.  Contact Cyndy Davis,

  3. NRG Show -- Catalog sales.   Wednesday July 19, 2017.   ONE Hour time slot.   As part of our membership in the Houston Combined Specialties, GHGRC is required to provide a club member to work one hour at the catalog sales booth on the day of the specialty.

  4. NRG Show -- Taping and show set up.  Tuesday July 18, 2017.   Volunteers need to assist in taping off grooming spaces and other setup tasks before the show.  Our membership in Houston Combined Specialties requires we provide volunteers to assist with these tasks.

  5. NRG Show -- Obedience Ring Stewards.  Wednesday July 19, 2017.  Two volunteers needed to work the obedience and rally rings.

  6. NRG Show -- Thursday July 20 - Sunday July 23.  Education Booth & Meet The Breed.   Volunteers will be needed to assist with various educational and meet-the-public events.   You can bring your dog!

  7. Fall Specialty Show -- Show Chairman.  December 1, 2017.   A Show Chairman is needed to oversee organization and plans for the Fall Specialty.     (Note Show Chairs may not show or have their dogs shown at the show they Chair.  They may show at all other shows that weekend.)


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