A Few Things to Consider Before You Acquire a Golden ...

The Golden Retriever is a people-oriented breed.  Golden Retrievers should not be relegated to the backyard. Goldens who are not allowed to interact with their people can get bored, which causes problems -- digging, jumping the fence, tearing up landscape, chewing (the fence, the house, the garden hose, etc.) If you are not prepared to let the Golden live with your family, please consider a different, more independent breed.

Golden Retrievers shed. There's no getting around it. If you are not prepared to vacuum golden hair off the floor, your furniture, and your clothes, maybe you should consider a different breed.

The Golden Retriever is subject to several health issues. Consider this before you acquire one. Your puppy's purchase price may be a smidgen of what you spend over its lifetime. Think ahead to 10-15 years of veterinary bills and the importance of choosing a puppy whose ancestors have been screened for common health issues which have a genetic basis.   Get more information about health issues HERE.

Remember: You are adding a new member to your family for the next 10-15 years. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BARGAIN HUNT!! Be prepare to spend $1800 to $3000 or more for a well-bred, healthy puppy. The breeders listed on this site do not cut corners breeding and raising their puppies.  The expense in breeding dogs is extensive. Reputable breeders do not breed for profit. They generally breed to improve the breed and to acquire a puppy for themselves. The old saying "You Get What You Pay For" is so very true when looking for a puppy.

AKC registration simply means the sire and dam of your Golden Retriever are the same breed. It does NOT guarantee health, temperament, structural soundness, or breeding quality.

Before making a puppy purchase, please take a moment to learn a little more about Golden Retrievers and how to recognize a reputable breeder.   Be an educated consumer!    We suggest you start with the following articles.

GRCA -- Begin The Search GRCA - Selecting A Breeder 16 Things To Look For In A Breeder

GHGRC recommends you either buy a puppy from a responsible, reputable breeder, or consider adopting from rescue.   GHGRC maintains a list of club member breeders to aid in your search for a reputable breeder.  We are also happy to refer you to the Houston area Golden Retriever rescue groups.

GHGRC Breeder List Houston Golden Retriever Rescues



Thinking About a Goldendoodle?    Before you buy, become an educated consumer!   Starting first with the understanding that there is no such breed as a "Golden Doodle."   Golden Doodles are mixed-breed (aka "mutt") dogs.  As mixes, they lack the consistency of type and temperament found in a pure-bred dog.   Reputable Golden Retriever breeders breed for the love of their breed, and to honor and preserve the breed characteristics, purpose, function, and heritage.   Ask yourself what is the motivate for someone to deliberately breed mixed-breed dogs?   If you have your heart set on a mix-breed, why not visit your local animal shelter and rescue a dog or puppy there?

Please read the GRCA's position on Golden Doodles,  and the thoughts of the creator of the first retriever x Poodle mixes.

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