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Books and DVD's listed below can be procured from a variety of sources including but not limited to,,, and others.   The GRCA Store has a wide selection of books, DVD's, and audio books, as well as clothing, gift items, and other Golden Retriever-related merchandise --- and click on STORE.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers for Dummies, by Nona Kilgore Bauer (Book)

The New Golden Retriever, by Marcia Schlehr (book)

The History of Retrievers, by Judi Seall (book) Fabulous old book with lots of old 1800's and early 1900's photos; good info about the early years of the Golden Retriever breed.  A MUST have to any serious student of the breed!

A Study of the Golden Retriever, by Marcia Schlehr (book)  The "Blue Book" is the definitive explanation of the Golden Retriever breed standard.  A MUST read for any serious student of the breed and all who compete in conformation or breed Goldens.

The World of the Golden Retriever:  A Dog For All Seasons, by Nona Kilgore Bauer  (book)

The Ultimate Golden Retriever, by Valerie Foss  (book)

The Book Of the Golden Retriever, by Anna Katherine Nicholas (book)



K9 Structure & Terminology, by Edward Gilbert Jr & Thelma R. Brown (book)

Understanding the CCA, by Golden Retriever Club of America  (DVD)  available at  Store


Successful Dog Breeding, by Chris Walkowicz & Bonnie Wilcox DVM (book)

Veterinary Notes for Dog Breeders, by Annette M. Carricato VMD (book)

Puppy Raising and Training

Mother Knows Best, by Carol Lea Benjamin (book)

The Art and Science of Raising a Puppy, by Bill Hillmann  (DVD)

Dog Training Tips with Robin McFarlane, available on ; large library of articles & video clips on basic obedience training and training with electronic collar


Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs, by Lew Olson PhD  (book)

Field/Hunting/Field Trials & Hunt Tests/Field Training

Retriever Working Certificate Training, by C. Rutherford, B. Branstad, and S. Whicker (book)

Training Retrievers for the Marshes and Meadows, by James Spencer (book)

Retriever Training Tests, by James Spencer (book)

Building A Retriever, Drills & More, by Carol Cassity (book)

Tri-tronics Retriever Training, by Jim Dobbs et al.  (book)

The Working Retrievers, by Tom Quinn  (book)

Sound Beginnings, by Jackie Mertens  (DVD),    available at

The Art and Science of Handling Retrievers, By Dave Rorem  (DVD) , available at

Retriever Training Seminar with Rex Carr & Dave Rorem  (DVD & manual),  available at

Retriever Field Trial Judging Manual, by Retriever News (e-book or audio CD) , available at

Training Retrievers Alone with Dennis Voight  (DVD)

Training Retrievers to Handle, by D.L. and Ann Walters (book)

Training a Retriever Puppy, by Bill Hillmann  (DVD),  available from

The Art and Science of Raising a Puppy, by Bill Hillmann  (DVD)

Retriever Training Fundamentals with Bill Hillmann  (DVD)  Part 1: Land,  Part 2: Water

Bill Hillmann Training Lessons on Youtube

Total Retriever Training, by Mike Lardy.   DVD's, articles, and more
                         available at

Smartwork series by Evan Graham, available at

Retriever Training: Problems and Solutions, with Danny Farmer and Judy Aycock (DVD) 

Training Group – Transition Stage: Handling, by Andy Attar




Jumping from A to Z, by Chris Zink (book)

Obedience/Training Theory

Smart Trainers, Brilliant Dogs, by Janet R. Lewis  (book)

Excel-erated Learning, by Pamela J. Reid PhD (book)   Subtitled "Explaining (in plain English) how dogs learn and how best to teach them."



Tracking From The Ground Up, by Sandy Ganz & Susan Boyd  (book and ebook)








Old Dogs/Loss of a Dog

The Dog Chapel, by Stephen Huneck (book)  (excellent comfort for one grieving the loss of a special dog)

Old Dogs, Old Friends, by Bonnie Wilcox DVM & Chris Walkowicz (book)



That Winning Feeling, by Jane Savoie (book) Sports psychology & how to deal with nerves & stress to become a better handler in competition.  Written by an equestrian, but equally applicable to canine competition.

Dog Heroes of September 11th, A Tribute to America's Search and Rescue Dogs, by Nona Kilgore Bauer

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